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  • Shear Wave Elastography on us4R-lite™

    Until now, ultrasound shear wave elastography (SWE) has been implemented solely on high-end medical scanners or bulky and expensive research systems. Today, we have proven that it is feasible to implement this highly advanced modality on our own portable research system us4R-lite™.

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  • us4us Collaborates with NVIDIA on Real-Time AI for Ultrasound Technology

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  • The very first 3D Plane Wave acquisition on the us4R-3D™

    Today, we are excited to share with you the first 3D image acquired by our brand-new us4R-3D™ platform!

    We have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time, since the delivery of our custom probe was severely delayed due to the pandemic. Just a few weeks ago, we finally got it — our first 32×32 matrix-array from Vermon. This fully-wired probe has 1024-elements and is equipped with a set of four massive DLM-360 connectors.

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  • A complete 128TX/32RX ultrasound scanner with integrated Nvidia Tegra module.

    Nvidia Inception

    We first bet on the GPU in 2008(!) and today, we are officially part of the Nvidia GPU ecosystem.
    All our ultrasound platforms and systems are optimized for GPU-based processing. 
    Introduced in 2017, ultrasound front-end modules can be directly integrated with the Nvidia Tegra GPU to form a portable scanner supporting ultrafast imaging and other advanced ultrasound modalities. This is the very first miniaturized and low-power solution that enables the implementation of Software-Defined Ultrasound (and this is not our last word!).
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  • OEM module

    We have just commissioned our newly developed advanced ultrasound front-end module.
    It is a complete 128TX/32RX front-end supporting a fully programmable transmit beamformer and sequencer, as well as a high-performance acquisition subsystem based on the latest Texas Instruments chips. The module is optimized for direct RF channel data streaming with the help of ultra fast PCIe gen3 data interface.
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  • The Versatile Ultrasound Platform.

    The Versatile USG Platform – initial tests

    We have conducted initial tests of the complete Versetile Ultrasound Platform !!!

    The developed, built and pre-tested electronic modules (RX64, CTRL96, TX192) have been connected into one unit. The implemented software allows to program functions of the device and carries out reconstruction as well as visualization of ultrasound images. Currently, we are testing the basic control functions and reconstruction algorithms for a plane wave.

    The system is prepared to be shown this year in September at the exhibition of the conference IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (Chicago, USA).


    CONGRATULATIONS to the whole team!

    Thank you all for your commitment and belief in our success!

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  • Our brand new calibrated flow phantom.

    New arrivals… a calibrated flow phantom

    Our laboratory has been facilitated with the calibrated flow standard. The system was designed and manufactured by our co-workers from IBIB PAN. The use of the specific design gear pump and calibration of the system enable generating a precise fluid of continuous and pulse flow within the range from 0.5 to 5 l / min. The standard will significantly support the testing as well as verification of the systems and Doppler algorithms.

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  • View of a newly developed 32-channel acquisition module

    Running of the acquisition module of the portable ultrasound device

    I am pleased to announce that the main module of the mUSG system (the main module of the portable ultrasound device) has been launched. The module is responsible for: acquiring ultrasonic signals, control of transmit signals and communication with a PC.

    The portable ultrasound platform was built in the “NCBR LIDER” Programme. It will enable the implementation of new methods of ultrasound imaging to provide a higher quality of visualization of human structures and organs. Due to a modern architecture of the processing and solutions the platform represents a competitive solution compared to available on the market devices.

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  • New project: a system for microemboli detection

    My Team together with Prof. Z.Religa Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development (FRK) had received funding for the project: A system for measurement of blood flow and detection of microemboli material for pulse prosthesis of heart assistance ReligaHeart EXT.

    The project was submitted in the first call of Applied Research Program NCBiR. The head of the project will be dr Maciej Gawlikowski of FRK, and my humble person will coordinate the research on the side IPPT PAN.

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  • View of the RX64 acquisition module.

    Commissioning of the first module of the Platform

    In the past few weeks we conducted the first tests of start/activation/run of the 64-channel acquisition module RX64.

    The RX64 module is the first and most important element of the developed ultrasound platform. It will provide possibility of simultaneous sampling and digitization of ultrasonic echo signals from 64 transmitters. Use of highly advanced electronic solutions and high-speed digital interfaces will enable to build a universal modular ultrasound platform with advanced signal processing on GPUs.

    The module has been entirely designed in ZU IPPT and is a very significant technical achievement of the POIG project group.

    My congratulations and thanks to the whole Team!!!

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