Bye bye 2022

Bye, bye year 2022 … when despite the difficult worldwide situation we have managed to develop, produce, and support our clients!

What we have accomplished this year:

  • introduced not one, but two 3D ultrasound systems:
    • us4R-3D – supporting matrix-array probes (up to 1024 elements),
    • us4R-lite-3D – a portable ultrasound platform for Row-Column-Addressed probes (128+128),
  • actively participated in the IEEE IUS-2022, Venice, Italy (exhibition, short-corse, presentations),
  • taken part in the RSNA-2022, Chicago, IL, USA.

In 2022, we have struggled with global chip shortages, inflation, pandemic, geopolitical situation, etc.

We are looking forward to the NEW YEAR 2023 and hoping that it will bring a better world and less conflict for all of us!

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