IUS 2021

IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium (IUS), the leading international ultrasonics symposium, returns September 6th. As always, us4us will be present, this year as a Bronze patron. With the conference again taking place online, we are sorry we won’t be able to meet any of you in person … but with the exciting schedule we’ve got planned, including four presentations, a collaboration with NVIDIA, and a brand-new short-course, we hope you’ll tune in anyway!
This year, you can join us during the following presentations:
  1. Integration of Ultrasound Research System with AI Workstation NVIDIA Clara AGX; Marcin Lewandowski, Piotr Jarosik, Mateusz Walczak, Sean Huver1, Bernd Weber1, Mathias Blake1, Ian Stewart1
  2. A High-Speed Full-Matrix Capture System for the Assessment of Wind Turbine Tower Sections Welds: Feasibility Study; by Marcin Lewandowski, Jakub Rozbicki, Mateusz Walczak, Beata Witek
  3. A Multimodal Point-of-Care Ultrasound Scanner for Radial Artery Assessment: System Concept; Marcin Lewandowski, Damian Cacko, Piotr Jarosik, Piotr Karwat, Ziemowit Klimonda, Mateusz Walczak, Beata Witek
  4. Pixel-wise deep reinforcement learning approach for ultrasound image denoising; Piotr Jarosik, Marcin Lewandowski, Ziemowit Klimonda, Michal Byra2
1 Nvidia Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, U.S.
2 Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland.
For the very first time, we will be running an original short-course during the conference. Ultrasound Signal Processing with GPUs — Introduction to Parallel Programming will help participants familiarize themselves with GPU/parallel programming and apply it to ultrasound signal processing. Prepared by us4us in collaboration with Billy Yiu of the University of Waterloo, the course is aimed at students, PhD students, researchers, and all R&D staff interested in extending their knowledge of GPU processing for ultrasound.
The course lectures will be available in video format for participants to watch on their own time. The official Q&A session will take place on Sunday, September 12, 2021 from 10:00 PM-11:00 PM (China Standard Time).
We hope to see you there!
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