The very first 3D Plane Wave acquisition on the us4R-3D™

Today, we are excited to share with you the first 3D image acquired by our brand-new us4R-3D™ platform!
We have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time, since the delivery of our custom probe was severely delayed due to the pandemic. Just a few weeks ago, we finally got it — our first 32×32 matrix-array from Vermon. This fully-wired probe has 1024-elements and is equipped with a set of four massive DLM-360 connectors.
The us4R-3D™ platform with a dedicated probe adapter enables 1024 TX / 256 RX channels. On the transmit side, all the 1024 elements can be addressed and excited, enabling arbitrary transmit aperture. On the receive side, we need four acquisitions to cover the full aperture of the probe (4x 256RX).
Below, we present our very first RF echo data acquired from a steel ball with a 1024-element plane wave transmit.
All our ultrasound research platforms (advanced: us4R™/us4R-3D™ and portable: us4R-lite™) feature the same raw RF data acquisition capabilities and are cross-compatible using an open-source ARRUS SDK for C/Matlab/Pyhon. Check back in for future updates on our newest developments!
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