We are going to IUS 2012 in Dresden

Welcome to the IUS 2012 Conference in Dresden (7-10.10.2012)!

Welcome to the IUS 2012 Conference in Dresden (7-10.10.2012)!

This year, we are going in a very large group after acceptation as many as 4 reports from our group project:

  • [PDF] P3A-6: Imaging Quality of the Classical Beamforming, SAFT, and Plane Wave Imaging – Experimental Results
    Piotr Karwat, Ziemowit Klimonda, Marcin Lewandowski, Andrzej Nowicki
  • [PDF] 3J-5: Modular & Scalable Ultrasound Platform with GPU Processing
    Marcin Lewandowski, Mateusz Walczak, Beata Witek, Piotr Kulesza, Krzysztof Sielewicz
  • [PDF] 3K: A Low-cost 32-channel Module with High-speed Digital Interfaces for Portable Ultrasound Systems
    Marcin Lewandowski, Krzysztof Sielewicz, Mateusz Walczak
  • [PDF] P5A-7: GPU Implementation of the STA Algorithm on I/Q Data
    Marcin Lewandowski, Piotr Karwat, Janusz, Kudelka, Tomasz Kleczek

and 4 others from Ultrasound Department:

  • [PDF] P4C-3: Correcting for bounded bandwidth when estimating tissue attenuation from mean frequency downshift
    Ziemowi Klimonda, Jerzy Litniewski, Andrzej Nowicki
  • [PDF] P5D-7: Tissue attenuation imaging – Synthetic Aperture Focusing versus Spatial Compounding
    Ziemowi Klimonda, Jerzy Litniewski, Piotr Karwat, Wojciech Secomski, Andrzej Nowicki
  • P5D-14: Basal Cell Carcinoma lesions characterization with ultrasound
    Hanna Piotrzkowska, Jerzy Litniewski, Elzbieta Szymanska, Andrzej Nowicki
  • P6B-3: Contribution of multiple scattering to the trabecular bone backscatter – dependence on porosity and frequency
    Jerzy Litniewski, Janusz Wojcik, Andrzej Nowicki

In addition, we take part in the exhibition where we will present and promote the ongoing project POIG.

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