Product rebranding

We have decided to unify the names of our family of research platforms. This rebranding supplies each product with a distinct name while making them all part of the us4R (ultrasound for research) or us4OEM (ultrasound for OEM) family.

Old name New name Comment
US-OEM box us4R-lite™
Our new family of low-cost portable ultrasound research systems with optional embedded GPU processing. These devices replace our previous mUSG system.
US-OEM module us4OEM™ A compact ultrasound front-end module. A board-level product for OEM production.
Our next-gen advanced research platform, to be introduced soon.
USPlatform USPlatform™ Our very first research system that will keep its name until its end-of-life. Soon, it will be replaced by the us4R family.


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