A low-cost portable ultrasound research/edu platform


us4R-lite is a low-cost portable ultrasound research system with direct software access to raw RF signals (ie. channel data). The system consists of an ultrasound front-end module with a Thunderbolt interface and an optional embedded Nvidia Tegra X2 GPU module. Fully programmable transmit, receive and processing functions predispose the system to research and educational applications.
A novel system architecture is optimized for Software-Defined Ultrasound paradigm and GPU-based processing. Ready-to-use software examples and GPU kernels make it easy for a first-time user to start working with the device. The user’s own algorithms can be easily developed using standard CUDA/OpenCL frameworks enabling real-time implementation of custom image processing methods.
  • System Features

    • 32/64RX and 128/256TX channels, ultrasound probes up to 256 element (linear, convex, phased-array, custom)
    • TX: 3 level pulsers up to 20 MHz frequency with programmable amplitude up to 180 Vpp, time delay resolution to 5.0 ns
    • RX: sampling rate up to 80 MHz @ 12-bit or 65MHz @ 14-bit resolution with hardware I/Q demodulation option
    • A high-speed Thunerbolt 3 enables real-time streaming of raw RF data to PC
    • Optional built-in Nvidia® Tegra X2 enables embedded processing and standalone operation
  • Software

    • software APIs for C++/C#/Python/MATLAB
    • raw RF echo software processing on CPU+GPU (Nvidia® CUDA/OpenCL)
    • full software control over transmit and receive sequences, as well as data processing
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