us4OEM module

An OEM ultrasound solution


The us4R (formerly: the USPlatform), a versatile research ultrasound platform, was our first system based on real-time PCIe streaming architecture. The system has been optimized for direct raw RF data transfer and GPU processing enabling the implementation of advanced synthetic aperture algorithms.
Today, we present a new system based on the very same architecture, but targeted at commercial medical and industrial applications. us4OEM is a low-power ultrasound platform to be used in portable ultrasound scanners, both general purpose and specialized. The main differentiating feature of the us4OEM is that all raw RF channel data are accessible in real-time for processing on user selected CPU/GPU.
A PCIe gen.3 communication interface enables the scalability of the number of acquisition channels (32–128) and external processing resources. us4OEM can be easily integrated with the user’s processing subsystem (e.g. embedded PC, GPU, DSP); while standard CUDA/OpenCL software tools can be used to develop and integrate new algorithms into the Platform’s processing framework.
We are offering us4OEM as electronic modules for integration into an end product. We also provide integration services and technical support.
US-OEM module
  • System Features

    • scalable 32, 64, 128 parallel acquisition channels – sampling rate up to 80 MSPS @ 12-bit or 65MSPS @ 14-bit
    • 128-channel (full aperture) of 3-level TX pulsers a high-speed PCIe gen.3 x4 interface for real-time streaming of raw RF data
    • full software-based beamforming and processing on CPU+GPU (CUDA/OpenCL) – Windows/Linux support
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Our latest products

We currently produce two versatile ultrasonic systems (platforms) for research applications.
Comprised in our offer are also the realization of R+D works and electronic design.


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