A versatile research ultrasound platform


us4R, formerly USPlatform, a versatile ultrasound research platform, is based on a novel architecture optimized for direct raw RF signal streaming and processing on GPUs. The system is an all-in-one solution, composed of an ultrasound front-end, an embedded PC and a GPU cluster. PCIe communication infrastructure enables the scalability of the number of acquisition channels (64–192) and processing power (1–5 GPUs). Direct access to raw RF data (ie. channel data) and real-time software processing on the GPUs give new possibilities for research and evaluation of ultrasound algorithms and methods. The system is fully programmable (transmit, receive and processing functions). Standard software tools, CUDA/ OpenCL, can be used to develop and integrate new algorithms into the platform’s processing framework.

  • System Features

      • 192 TX channels and 64/128/192 RX channels (customization and scalability up to 512 channels)
      • two connectors for ultrasound probes up to 192 element (linear, convex, phased-array, custom), compatible with Esaote® probes (custom adapters for other connectors)
      • TX: 3/5 level pulsers up to 20 MHz frequency with programmable amplitude up to 180 Vpp, time delay resolution to 5.0 ns
      • RX: sampling rate up to 65 MHz @ 12-bit resolution
      • direct access to raw RF ultrasound data
      • up to 24 GB of buffer memory, 128 MB/channel
      • real-time transfer of raw RF data to PC memory (~6 GBps for PCIe Gen 2; easy upgrade path to PCIe Gen 3)
  • Software

      • software interface available in C++/C#/Python/MATLAB®
      • extensible software framework for digital signal processing on GPUs using Nvidia® CUDA/OpenCL
      • full software control of transmit and receive sequences
      • implemented fast software beamforming using GPUs (eg. STA, plane wave, diverging beams)
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