A real-time parallel acquisition system for Ultrasonix SonixTouch Research


SonixTouch Research is a widely deployed ultrasound research scanner produced by Analogic Corp. Our RX-DAQ is an upgraded version of the SonixDAQ Parallel Channel Data Acquisition that enables the simultaneous capture of pre-beamformed data directly from the ultrasound probe. Thanks to a high-speed PCIe interface, the RX-DAQ enables not only real-time acquisition but also streaming and processing of raw RF data on a PC. The pre-beamformed data could be acquired to the internal buffer memory (up to 16 GB) or transferred on-the-fly to the PC memory. The implemented software framework, optimized for GPUbased software processing, supports real-time visualisation using advanced image reconstruction algorithms (eg. STA, Plane Wave). The user’s own algorithms can be easily developed using standard CUDA/OpenCL frameworks, enabling real-time implementation of custom image processing methods.

  • System features

      • 128 parallel acquisition channels – sampling rate up to 65 MHz @ 12-bit resolution
      • direct connection to the SonixTouch Research system (same as original SonixDAQ)
      • fast real-time transfer of the raw RF data to PC memory (~6 GBps for PCIe Gen 2)
  • Software

      • software APIs for C++/C#/Python/MATLAB
      • the pre-beamformed RF signals storage and software processing on CPU+GPU (CUDA/OpenCL)
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