us4us is a spin-off company created by experienced researchers and engineers of the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research.
Our expertise includes: medical devices development and certification, advanced electronic design, digital signal processing, and ultrasound methods and systems. We can offer a broad range of R&D and design services, as well as the CE certification of medical devices in cooperation with our parent Institute. us4us provide world-class products and solutions at a competitive price.

  • Ultrasound R&D:
    • medical imaging and Doppler methods
    • simulation/evaluation studies and experimental verification
    • signal processing and algorithm implementation
  • Electronic Design:
    • advanced multichannel signal processing electronics
    • high-speed digital design with FPGAs
    • high performance digital signal processing (FPGA, GPU, DSP)
    • prototyping, pre-production and manufacturing transfer
    • testing development and documentation
  • Ultrasound Measurements*:
    • electrical/acoustical characterization of ultrasound transducers
    • acoustic output conformance with medical standards verification
    • full 3D acoustic field scanning
  • Medical Devices certification*:
    • design, development and documentation of medical devices under the ISO-13485 Quality Management System¬†medical devices software development
    • medical devices usability
    • model-making & prototype development
    • EMC and safety testing in external accredited laboratories

* in collaboration with the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences