IUS-2018 is coming

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30 Jun 2018
IUS-2018 (IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium) in Kobe, Japan is coming … and we are going to present and exhibit (again!). 
This year we are planning a ***BIG premiere*** of our latest development – namely a low-cost, portable ultrasound platforms optimized for Software-Defined Ultrasound! 
The systems feature advanced capabilities in a portable form-factor and for a fraction of the cost of big platforms. Introductory pricing will be offered to the very first clients!!!
We invite you all to our booth and our poster presentations:
  • P2-A8-1: A GPU-based Portable Phased-Array System with Full-Matrix Capture;
    M. Lewandowski, M.Walczak , B.Witek, J.Rozbicki, T.Steifer
  • P2-B8-4: A Point-of-Care Ultrasound Scanner with Software Beamforming on Nvidia Tegra mobile GPU;
    M.Lewandowski, M.Walczak , B.Witek
  • P1-A9-2: WaveFlow – Towards Integration of Ultrasound Processing with Deep Learning;
    P.Jarosik, M.Byra , M.Lewandowski