Product rebranding

We have decided to unify the names of our family of research platforms. This rebranding applies
distinct name to each product while makes them all part of the us4R (ultrasound for research) or us4OEM (ultrasound for OEM) family.

Old name New name Comment
US-OEM box us4R-lite™
Our new family of a low-cost portable ultrasound research system with optional embedded GPU processing. These devices replace our previous mUSG system.
US-OEM module us4OEM™ A compact ultrasound front-end module – board-level product for OEM production.
Our next-gen advanced research platform – to be introduced soon.
USPlatform USPlatform™ Our very first research system. The name stays the same till its end-of-life. Soon, it will be replaced by the us4R family.
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