us4us Ltd. was born in 2015 as a spin-off company of the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS (IFTR PAS).
Its members were the researchers and engineers of the team dr Marcin Lewandowski had assembled to carry out the „Medical ultrasound instruments – new methods of testing and visualization of tissue structure of human organs” financed in the frame of the Innovative Economy 2009-2015 Programme. The solutions developed as part of the project, the Versatile Ultrasound Research Platform in particular, inspired the team to build a company and commercialize these results.


The company’s primary goal is the further development of the ultrasound platform, as well as the design of new methods and ultrasound diagnostic systems for medical and industrial applications. Our partnership with IFTR PAS allows us to offer services in the certification of medical devices and acoustic measurements.
Furthermore, we aim to offer additional services in both professional electronic design and R+D.



Dr Marcin Lewandowski, CEO Mateusz Walczak, CTO Beata Witek, CQO
With 20 years of experience in ultrasound methods, electronics and software, he is the author of many scientific and technical developments. He has led a number of R&D projects and seen through the development and certification of 2 medical devices. Expert in electronic system design and the implementation of complex digital systems on FPGA setups. He has been part of many R+D projects and developments. Specializes in electronic system design, as well as medical devices and their certification. She has been part of many R+D projects and developments.

Company info

us4us sp. z o.o.
5B Adolfa Pawinskiego Str., 02-106 Warsaw, Poland
KRS: 0000580407 | REGON: 362744823 | NIP: 7010512840
company’s share capital 10.000 PLN

email: sales (at) us4us.eu

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