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  • us4us promo slogan for the IUS-2018

    IUS-2018 is coming

    IUS-2018 (IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium) in Kobe, Japan is coming … and we are going to present and exhibit (again!). 
    This year we are planning a ***BIG premiere*** of our latest development – namely a low-cost, portable ultrasound platforms optimized for Software-Defined Ultrasound! 
    The systems feature advanced capabilities in a portable form-factor and for a fraction of the cost of big platforms. Introductory pricing will be offered to the very first clients!!!
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  • Nvidia GTC-2018 conference


    If you’ve missed us at the Nvidia GTC-2018 conference in San Jose, CA, USA, here is the scoop: we were very proud to present all our ultrasound systems and solutions, and particularly happy that we could introduce our GPU-oriented ultrasound developments to the community just as the Nvidia CEO introduced project CLARAa medical imaging supercomputer.

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  • A complete 128TX/32RX ultrasound scanner with integrated Nvidia Tegra module.

    Nvidia Inception

    We first bet on the GPU in 2008(!) and today, we are officially part of the Nvidia GPU ecosystem.
    All our ultrasound platforms and systems are optimized for GPU-based processing. 
    Introduced in 2017, ultrasound front-end modules can be directly integrated with the Nvidia Tegra GPU to form a portable scanner supporting ultrafast imaging and other advanced ultrasound modalities. This is the very first miniaturized and low-power solution that enables the implementation of Software-Defined Ultrasound (and this is not our last word!).
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